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Hayat Project for the Protection and Empowerment of Women and Families

Hayat Project for the Protection and Empowerment of Women and Families

1. Background

Hayat Projectfor The Protection and Empowerment of Women and Families was established in 2011 by CWLRCP, through a project supported by UN Women and UNDP, under the MDGFund Joint Programme on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Palestine. Located in Gaza City, it was and remains the first specialised multipurpose anti violence centre in the Gaza Strip.

2. Beneficiaries

HayatProjectprovides services to women and girls victims and survivors of violence, poorwomenliving in marginalized areas, as well as divorced couples and theirchildren .

3. Objectives of Hayat Project:

-          To address the phenomenon of gender based violence   through a humanrights-based approach.

-          To  advance the protection and empowerment of women, girls and children victims and survivors of violence.

-          To raise awareness of the community on GBV and GBV services through community outreach

-          To support positivefamily relations andstrengthen their supportas protection actorsbased on care,mutual respect andtrust,andreject of any form of violence.

4. Main services provided by Hayat Project:

Social services:

-       GBV Case Management

-       Social counseling

-       Family Counselling

-       Social visits

-       GBV awareness

-       Referral to humanitarian relief service provider

-       Family forum for child visitation.  

Sheltering services for the protection of abused women.

b.            Legal services:

-       Legal counseling

-       Legal representation in courts

c.             Psychological services:

-       Psychological counseling

-       Psychological support sessions

Referral to psychological therapy

d.            Health services :

- Referral to health-care servicesReferral to reproductive health service providers

e.            Economic empowerment:

-       Technical and vocational training

-       Provision of grants to establish small income generating businesses.

تليفون: 2897757    /  2871286

 جوال: 0592291090

Email: hayat-pal@hotmail.com